Pebmarsh Billy Cart Grand Prix

Unfortunately, I was not able to go this year, but Peter Pope flew the Lincolnshire flag down there in deepest Essex.

It is a smashing event which I am really sorry to have missed.  I will try and get some footage and a report up as soon as I can.

Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme
What a sensational weekend’s racing.  Beautiful scenery and the wildest gravity racing you are likely to see.  Have a look at their website
There is not much I can add, except to say have a look at this (click in the picture to open in youtube)!!!
Dalby Forest Soapbox Derby, North Yorkshire
Thank you Andy and all those who worked so hard to make this event a great day (or weekend).
The spirit was fantastic and the sport brilliant.
I will try and write some more when I have time, or go to
The 2011 event will take place on August 20th & 21st.
Head to for more information
Graham Kerr’s Video
Belchford Downhill Challenge 2010
A hugely successful event, in spite of the weather with over £3000 being raised for good causes and over 100 drivers having a great days driving.  The report is available by following the link on the left, or by clicking here

The Thaifoodtakeaway video
Cadwell Gravity Festival 2010
The third and best Cadwell Gravity Festival went brilliantly.  It was well organised and many teams enjoyed close and exciting racing all day.  Well done and thank you to Applehead Gravity Sport who organised the event.  I am sure there will be a report very soon on their website,  As soon as I find any video, I will put it on our site.
A brilliand day out.  Well done all involved.

Catterline Cartie Challenge

The usual brilliant event.  Starting with the Gala on Saturday (where the Belchford Bucanneer won the children’s push) leading onto the famous Ceilidh which meant we were all really at our best for the racing on Sunday.  With a bit of drizzle falling, Belchford got off to a great start, eventually coming third in the constructors event.  Fab weekend, well worth the 900mile round trip.  I don’t think Peter Pope thinks so.  H ccrashed in spectactular fashion.  Still he got the cart together for Pebmarsh on 11th July.  Watch Belchford Bucanneer’s run at


Borders Bogies Downhill Race

This took place on the 22nd of May.  Nip along to  .  To find out more .

Some video footage is available on youtube at

AS soon as I see a report, or hear from someone who went, I will link to it.